Joplin, MO Tornado Recovery Volunteering


Volunteers for Joplin MO Tornado Recovery

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to help those impacted by the tornado in Joplin. Individuals and groups are still needed in Joplin. For more information about the Joplin Tornado and the AmeriCorps St. Louis Response starting the night of the Joplin Tornado May 22, 2011 visit our Joplin Tornado Response Page.  To find out how you can help or if you need help, please call one of the below numbers:


To schedule a volunteer visit to Joplin:417-625-3543
For more information contact Send an Email to the Joplin Recovery Team.
To speak with an administrator: 417-627-8883

AmeriCorps Recovery Center in Joplin, Mo
520 S. School Ave
Joplin, Mo 64801


Starting 6/29/2012
7am-2pm Monday – Saturday
10-2pm Sunday

8am-5pm Monday-Saturday
12pm-5pm Sunday



Were you were affected by the Joplin Tornado? Need assistance or have you not yet received 2 free trees from the Joplin Parks Department?
Homeowner Assistance Hotline: 417-625-3558
Download the Homeowner Release required for volunteer assistance

Volunteer Projects
Please note that project needs change rapidly during disaster work. However, a few of the current projects include:

  • Debris Removal: Volunteers are getting the last stages of debris cleared out before homeowners can rebuild/sell, to get property up to city requirements.
  • Tree Planting: Two free trees have been given to every homeowner by the city hoping to inspiring restoration with new life.
  • Small Repairs: These vary and depend on when homeowner is ready and what they need
  • Moving Jobs: Volunteers are helping homeowners move from Temporary FEMA Housing Units or other displaced areas to more permanent homes.
  • Tree work: Chainsawing, bucket trucks, volunteers would need to bring all their own equipment including gas for sawing. Personal Protective Equipment, including chaps, helmet, safety gloves and goggles are highly recommend. Please notify the recovery center if you are willing to bring a chainsaw.
  • Hauling vegetative debris to city dump site: Volunteers would need to bring their own trucks/trailers to do this – Please notify the recovery center if you are willing to bring a truck or trailer.
  • Municipal jobs:  Volunteers are cleaning up the city and schools.
  • City wide door-to-door survey: Volunteer will be passing out flyers from local recovery organizations and filling out a survey with homeowners.

MDC Video showcasing the Tree Planting Project in Joplin featuring AmeriCorps St. Louis Member Cameron Coe, Yr 18 Joplin Recovery Project

Tips for volunteering in Joplin

Here are a few tips to help make your volunteering experience safe and meaningful:

DO be flexible
You may be assigned to a different task based on changing needs and priorities. Please also note that if you have any questions about specific projects, the officials at the Volunteer Reception Center in Joplin are best suited to answer them. The information we provide is all of the details we have at this time.

DO be sure to register to volunteer BEFORE you go to Joplin.
On the projects page, please be sure to sign up to volunteer and have anyone else you may be bringing with you sign up also. The city would not have the capacity to provide safe, meaningful and coordinated opportunities if we arrive all at once.

DO make your own accommodations.
Please secure your accommodations before you arrive in Joplin as there will not be housing assistance. There are some volunteer housing options available upon request from Rebuild Joplin.

DO bring food and water for yourself.
Make sure to have a plenty of food and water for yourself. Sources of food and water may not be readily available in the affected areas.

DO bring leather work gloves, closed-toe shoes and a hat.
Many volunteers will be working outside, so please come prepared with essentials, such as work gloves, closed-toe shoes, sunscreen, and a hat. Dress for the weather. Consider bringing a hooded sweatshirt, poncho and long pants.

DO bring your own transportation. 
Volunteers are responsible for transporting themselves to their work site. We are no longer providing buses.

DON’T bring young children.
This area is a disaster area and for the safety of everyone, please do not bring young children with you to the service projects.

DON’T bring unsolicited items.
We appreciate the generosity of those who have offered to donate certain items and supplies. However, unsolicited items will inundate the town and could potentially harm relief efforts.

DO support AmeriCorps St. Louis and the Joplin Recovery Project.
The AmeriCorps St. Louis Recovery Center in Joplin is dependent on your volunteer service as well as your generosity.  AmeriCorps St. Louis is a 501c3 non-profit that relies on donations to keep the mission going.  While monetary donations are always needed, Gas Cards, Home Depot Gift Cards and O’riley’s Auto Parts Gift Cards are extremely useful.

Lastly, DO get involved with Joining Hands in the Heartland!
Adopt a family affected by disaster in Missouri and fundraise in your own community to give them a new large appliance. Over 200 families that have already requested appliances. This lasting gift will be help these families start anew.