The Mentoring Resource Center

A collaborative effort of AmeriCorps St. Louis and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department




The goal of the Mentoring Resource Center (MRC) is to address the individual needs of 36 men and women annually, who are presently homeless, through responsible mentoring relationships that will lead to liberation from the streets, permanently.  For the majority of the mentees, we anticipate that enrolling in a school or finding a living-wage job is not necessarily an easy task when you live outside.

When you are homeless, this translates to ‘Is your ‘spot’ secure? Is there a safe place you could stay? Where do you leave ‘your stuff’ or get cleaned-up?’ After the basic needs are met, even more come up: How do you access the internet, keep your documentation, get your mail, or pay for a metro ticket? Even when people know where or how to access services, with all of these hurdles popping up, it’s hard to see things through and easy to become discouraged. Sometimes you just need someone to believe in you and help you get through the daily challenges that homelessness /life brings.

In a nutshell…

  • The MRC will select and match 12 mentors and 12 mentees, three times a year, for four month commitments.
  • The MRC will provide a minimum of two hours of pre-match, in-person training.
  • Mentor and mentee agree to participate in face-to-face meetings with one another, minimally, once a week and one hour per meeting over the course of four months.
  • Each mentee, together with his or her mentor, will develop an Individual Action Plan (IAP) that includes common basic needs and specific individual needs.
  • The MRC will monitor mentoring relationship milestones and support mentors with ongoing advice, problem solving support and training opportunities for the duration of the relationship.
  • The MRC will provide mentors with access to at least two types of resources to help mentors negotiate challenges in the mentoring relationships as they arise.
  • The MRC will provide a common ‘bank’ will be made available to mentors. If costs arise for common basic needs, MRC will augment costs that are not able to be effectively and efficiently met by partnering with other known community resources.   Given that funds are sorely limited, MRC will make funds available only if they are used towards fulfilling a mentee’s IAP. Our focus is on equity.
  • The MRC will facilitate bringing the match to closure in four months, in a way that affirms the contributions of both the mentor and the mentee and offers both individuals the opportunity to assess the experience.

If you are interested in being a mentor or would like more information, please download and save the Mentor Application. Please return the application to AmeriCorps St. Louis, 1315 Ann Avenue, St. Louis 63104, or fax to 314-772-7109, or email to