About Us

Since 1994, inspired people from across America have brought to St. Louis their enthusiasm, their talents and a commitment to serve their country. AmeriCorps St. Louis has distinguished itself as one of the leading AmeriCorps programs in the nation through a long and impressive history, recruiting 35 new Members each year to serve as an Emergency Response Team. In return, Members receive a small living allowance to meet their basic needs and an educational award at the end of the term of service . . . and, most importantly, a chance to change America for the better. In all, AmeriCorps St. Louis Members have committed more than two million hours of service – getting things done for St. Louis and the nation.

The impact of AmeriCorps St. Louis on the region, on its Members, and on those who benefit from its services, is profound. Our region’s natural habitats are preserved for future generations. Communities, neighborhoods and agencies are organized into new collaborations to provide more effective disaster preparedness programs. Families in their darkest hours are given relief after a disaster strikes. The list goes on and on . . .

For those who serve as AmeriCorps Members, the desire to give back does not end after one year. Former members are significantly more likely than their counterparts to enter careers in public and environmental service, many devoting their lives to emergency management, natural resource conservation, or wildland firefighting. The St. Louis region benefits from the many alums of our program that remain in the area, revitalizing the city through their commitment to the community and its residents.